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Address:Seyrantepe Mah. Buğday Sok. No: 4 Kağıthane/İstanbul/TURKEY 34418

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Demircan Plastik provides you with large volume mass production demands in Turkey with wide material, low dimensional tolerances and surface options. Our company, which provides advantages for all part productions, uses engineering materials. It provides an advantage in every sector by providing the most suitable and fastest cost production for your small, medium and high quantity parts. Wide material options, affordable cost, the possibility of verifying designs before mass production, and an ideal opportunity for material and functionality tests are also within the scope of our company’s production.

Plastic Parts Production

Demircan Plastik continues its services with years of quality assurance and experience. We produce all your parts by continuing to grow with innovative steps in the field. Our injection department is ready to serve all kinds of product needs of our customers with vertical and horizontal manufacturing options with different tonnage ranges. In our injection department, which works with many types of engineering materials, different and various molding methods are used.

With the production of plastic parts, your needs in almost all sectors are met. The molds, which are produced in a special way in line with the demands of the customers with the orders from the customers, are also made ready for production in the injection part with a high quality standard. For this reason, you can easily supply the parts you need to your company and meet your sector needs.

How is Plastic Part Production Made?

There are three different steps in the production of plastic parts. These are the designs, manufacture and quality control of products. It is very important in determining the product cost through these three basic processes. Quality control is carried out both during the raw production process and after production, and the conformity of the designed products to the specified standard is checked and the quality should be kept at a certain level.

Services are offered to companies that manufacture in sectors such as desired products, white goods, automotive and appliances, electronics, electrical household appliances. It is offered with professional services that will fully meet your expectations in terms of mold production and injection printing. The production of parts made by considering the quality understanding of the customers not only improves the quality understanding of the personnel, but also makes the corporate quality identity indispensable for every stage. These types of products, which are widely used in many other sectors, can be produced on demand.

Plastic Injection Part Production Advantages

Many different techniques are used to shape plastic materials. The applications we use in the production of parts are the most important methods and ensuring that the raw material can be delivered in the desired form with a single operation, and in many cases, the fact that the products produced do not require post-processing makes this method suitable for mass production. All of our mold designs and products of this type are produced at world standards by combining with our engineering understanding. In addition, we are here to offer you the most economical solutions, knowing very well that some works should be done with small budgets. We have various methods for your various needs by following the paths required by the job in a professional way.