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As Demircan Plastik, our company aims to produce high quality products with high level raw materials. Moreover, we complete the works with the aim of providing you with trouble-free service on very sensitive issues with the advantage of timely delivery and reasonable price. Our products include rubber sheet, profile, gasket etc. various products stand out. These products are used in many areas such as automotive, machinery and textile industry. For this reason, we ensure that quality is a way of working by considering unconditional customer satisfaction at every stage of product production.

Rubber is an elastic and soft material produced naturally or synthetically. Rubber is a type of polymers, and polymers are made up of long and large molecules made up of monomers bonded to each other. Rubber generally has high flexibility, high friction coefficient and low sealing properties.

Natural rubber is obtained from the sap of the tree species Hevea brasiliensis and is the most widely used type of natural rubber. Natural rubber is generally weather and temperature sensitive and therefore needs to be handled carefully during the manufacturing process. Synthetic rubber, unlike natural rubber, is produced by chemical methods and is less sensitive to weather conditions and temperature. Types of synthetic rubber include polyurethane, silicone and neoprene rubber.

Rubber is widely used in various industries. For example, it is used in the production of tires in the automotive industry, in the construction industry for waterproofing, and is often preferred in the production of industrial components. Rubber is also used in the manufacture of sports equipment, the manufacture of various toys, and the manufacture of medical devices.


Rubber is used in the manufacture of various products, often combined with materials such as metal, plastic and paper. For example, rubber is used in products such as automobile tires, waterproofing material, air and waterproof coating material, pipe linings, protective coatings and plastic parts.

Rubber has high strength, flexibility and durability. In addition, it is resistant to weather conditions, chemicals and heat. Because of these properties, it is used in various applications.

Rubber consists of polymers and can have different properties depending on the properties of the polymers. For example, polyurethane rubber is used in products such as automobile tires and coatings because of its high strength. Polyethylene rubber, on the other hand, is used in products such as pipe linings, due to its flexibility at low temperatures.

Rubber is usually processed and produced with chemicals. For example, during the production of polymers, the polymerization method is used. This method uses chemical reactions to accelerate the formation of polymers and impart desired properties. In addition, additives can be used in rubber production. These substances change and improve the properties of rubber.

In rubber production, quality control is important. During the quality control, the physical and chemical properties of the rubber are measured and as a result of these measurements, the quality of the products is determined. For example, properties such as strength, flexibility, hardness, water absorption and heat resistance of rubber are measured.

In rubber production, environmental protection is also important. Environmentally friendly methods are used to ensure that the wastes of chemical substances used during production do not harm nature. In addition, environmentally friendly methods such as energy saving and waste reduction are also used in the production of rubber products.

How is Rubber Production Made?

It is among the company principles to provide services in the most economical way in rubber products. In order to increase the satisfaction of all business and external customers, we are constantly improving ourselves in every subject by conducting design-oriented studies. Thanks to our dynamic staff, who always has a visionary and innovative working principle, mold production is carried out without any problems. It emerges with the combination of care and experience in certain technical details in mold production. Advanced technologies are used in all of the works and are completed with a dynamic team.

Our company, which has an institutional structure, is a pioneer in the sector and is carried out in the light of targeted and planned studies by using the highest quality materials in product production. The raw material of these products is of botanical origin and is not suitable for mold removal on its own. Rubbers gain raw material characteristics with auxiliary additives. It can be made ready for use by strengthening it against abrasion, heat and other chemical materials.

Rubber Product Advantages

Rubber products are generally preferred in different sectors. The mold and molding industry is an unknown but a field that forms a base in almost all sectors. Each of the plastic parts used is prepared using a different mold. The use of rubber becomes mandatory in many jobs where mass production is required. From this point of view, our customers can have more detailed information about the content of the service we provide. Since the molds have a direct effect on the final products, the production of the products is very important and must be completed in professional hands.

We are working to reflect the developments in the world in terms of progress and development in rubber production, and reflect them to our business. We strive to be the first company that comes to mind in the sector by working to establish long-term business partnerships with all our domestic and international customers. Moreover, by complying with the order basis determined by the customers, we complete the production of the desired amount of products within the desired time.